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Become a partner with us! Grow, have fun, and get rewards!

Why should I sign up with VSE ?

We will be very upfront.  We want you to add our products to your branded company stores, catalogs, promotional flyers and any other medium you use to advertise to your customers.

The reason we want you to add our items is simple.  Statistics show that by adding an item to an online company store you will increase the repeat purchases associated with that item by as much as 45% !!!


We specialize in signage, digitally printed large format; lawn signs, banners, magnets, posters etc...  So our items are some of the most commonly used and commonly changed items a company has.  

This means your success is our success!

We want you to get our A-frames, light box signs, Giant arrows, Rockin' Wavers, spinner handles etc into your customers hands.  Once the customer has tasted the success of having a sign bring them in new business, they will want to keep doing what works.  Since they purchased the original hardware from you, there is only one place to turn when they need a new sign for that item!

Joining our program is simple.

1.  Sign up for and activate your account with us (ASI, SAGE, PPAI, Trade only.)

2.  We authorize your account and grant you distributor membership access to view & order products.

3.  You are automatically enrolled in our rewards program and can start placing our items into your company stores. 

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Need a mock up or virtual for your webstore?  Just send us a logo or print ready graphic and we will get you a web virtual for you to use.


We recently launched the FIRST EVER, Free Rewards Program in the promotional products industry!  By joining our partner team you will start to earn points that can be redeemed for discounts, products, gift cards and more with each order you place with us! 

You earn a point for every dollar spent, and 10 points equals $1.00 worth of rewards.  So they add up really quickly!

Send us a picture or screenshot of our items added to your company store, flyer etc and we will give your account 100 bonus points per item added.  

So that is it, that's our scoop.  We want you to grow repeat business with your clients and we will promise great quality, fast turn around, & unique products that your customer can use to look great and promote their business!

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If you have any questions, contact us via phone or email.  We are happy to help.