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The General ‘Do’s & Dont’s of Signage

When creating signs for your business we’ve identified a few general guidelines you can follow to help make your signs more effective at getting people’s attention.

DO’s :

  1. Do – Use bright, full color images whenever possible. Ads with Full Color images generate the highest customer awareness of all sign categories.
  2. Do – Use Numbers, Charts & Graphs when available to make your point.   We live in a data rich world and people tend to be drawn to images that include this type of information.

Customer Signs Graph

3. Do – Include Pictures / Images whenever possible.  Studies show that ads with photos have 300% greater recall than those without.

4. Do – Change your sign message, color, shape and (if possible) size frequently.  In most cases your potential customers pass by the same businesses over 60 times per month.  Changing your signs frequently helps keep your business from simply blending into the background as they pass by each day.



1. Don’t – Allow signs to look worn, damaged, or dated.  Having old, faded, or damaged signs usually portrays a lack of attention, and creates a negative first impression of your business.

2. Don’t – Include too much text.  Short, Concise messages with beautiful, interesting images will pique potential customers interests for the brief moment they are considering your business and entice them to come in.

3. Don’t – Do nothing.  When it comes to getting noticed by customers No News is usually bad news for your business.  Taking the time to add even a small amount of signage to your business will put your business on your customer’s mental radar.


These tips can help you create, and build an effective marketing strategy that is sure to draw customers, and help you increase your business.


Check-in soon for more information and tips about signs.