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Get your message MOVING!

What is the average amount of time that Americans spend in an automobile each day?  Would you believe it is over 55 minutes of EVERY Day?  For a business this can be an incredible opportunity to connect with your potential customers.  Experts tell us that most people travel about 29 miles per day, and we’re primarily driving near our homes and local businesses.  Why not maximize this prime marketing space that vehicles and other mobile advertising provides?

For a one time cost of less than fifty dollars virtually anyone can get vehicle graphics and/or magnets to promote their brand, logo, contact information and more!   Your vehicle is a virtual blank slate that can help bring customers to your business. Think of this for a moment, when people are out at social event meeting new people, what is typically one of the first things that comes up in conversation…. what they do.  This is especially true for business owners who want to get the word out about their business. Vehicle signage is the perfect way to introduce yourself to would-be customers, and begin the conversation before you even meet them!

Having vehicle signage is like handing out your business card to literally everyone around you.”

   This simple, inexpensive method of marketing can, and does generate tremendous results. In fact, some in the marketing industry feel that per dollar, there is no better, more cost effective form of advertising that is guaranteed to reach your audience.

If you are looking for an effective, yet inexpensive way to get your message out and grow your customer base, you can get your message (and your sales) moving with vehicle signage.