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According to the book; What’s Your Signage? released by  The New York State Small Business Development Center in conjunction with The Signage Foundation for Communication Excellence:

“On average, one additional on-premise sign resulted in an increase in annual sales revenues of 4.75%. In other words, if a business had been grossing $500,000 annually in sales, the addition of just one on-premise sign resulted in a $23,750 increase.

And  “When new signage was added on previously unsigned sides of buildings sales increased from 2.5% to 7.1%.”

Think of the incredible impact that just ONE, single sign can have for a small business!  That’s nearly $2000 in additional revenue PER MONTH!  While this type of increase might not be experienced by all businesses, this AVERAGE increase can, and will be experienced by many if they do it!  In addition to the increase in revenue, the authors also point out that;

“On average, one additional on-premise sign increased the annual number of transactions by 3.94%.”

Imagine for a moment how great it would be to increase your transaction volume by 4% next year by simply placing a sign in your business.  Well guess what…You Can!

The authors of this handbook, after studying several different forms of advertising, ultimately came to the following conclusion;

“The on-premise sign is the most efficient, most cost effective form of advertising available to a small business.”